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For specific questions about the formation and conduct of the Legion Riders, or the proper wear of the Riders’ emblem, or about your chapter’s constitution and bylaws, contact your ALR Regional Director for guidance.

Below are FAQ to answer most questions;

Q. How do I start a chapter at my post?
A. The process is easy. No charter paperwork is necessary, but a chapter must be supported by a post or department. There is no national or “at large” chapter. You will need 5 members to start an ALR Chapter.   Get the approval of the sponsoring post, a copy of the minutes of any regular post meeting approving the formation of a chapter is your authority to start organizing a new chapter.   Next, contact your ALR Regional Director. Set up a meeting with your new ALR members to discuss how your chapter constitution and bylaws for the review and approval of your post’s leadership.   At later meetings, elect chapter officers per your approved constitution and report your chapter to department headquarters.

Q. Can we have members who do not own motorcycles or are not spouses of owners?
A. Program guidance from Resolutions 35 and 32 grants the local chapters the authority to allow an existing ALR member to remain a full member of the chapter if he or she has involuntarily given up motorcycle ownership due to age, injury, or other medical condition outside the control of the rider.

Q. Can girlfriends, friends, cousins, mothers, fathers, etc., join as regular members even if they are ineligible under the bylaws?
A. No. Membership eligibility requirements are clearly stated in the program guidance defined by Resolutions 35 and 32: “All members of The American Legion Riders shall be current members of The American
Legion, American Legion Auxiliary or Sons of The American Legion”. Membership criteria is established not to exclude family and friends, but to comply with the constitutional requirements of the supporting post or department, which must adhere strictly to American Legion constitutional requirements as well as local, state and federal laws regarding veteran, civic and fraternal organizations.

Q. Where do we get American Legion Riders patches?
A. Patches are available through National Emblem Sales. You can order by phone at (888)-453-4466, or shop online at http://emblem.legion.org.

Q. How about American Legion Riders-themed clothing, jackets, vests and gear?
A. National Emblem Sales has a line of high quality shirts, jackets, motorcycle gear, flags, caps, pins and many other items designed for Legion Riders by Legion Riders. They can be viewed and purchased at http://emblem.legion.org, by mail (catalog), or by phone at (888) 453-4466.

Q. Is ALR recognized as a nonprofit organization?
A. Each chapter is supported as a subordinate entity by a post or department and generally enjoys the same nonprofit status as every other post or department program. However, some activities might not be considered non-profit, so you should always refer to your post or department for guidance.

Q. When and where was ALR started?
A. ALR started at Post 396 in Garden City, Mich., in the fall of 1993. Chuck “Tramp” Dare and post commander Bill “Polka Bill” Kaledas had an idea to start an association of motorcycle enthusiasts within the Legion. The two Legionnaires – both longtime riders – wanted to create an environment where members of the Legion family could come together to share a common love for motorcycles. The Department of Michigan agreed with the concept and provided the two riders and 19 other founding members instructions on how to manage the program at the post level. The members of Post 396 soon adopted a resolution for a new program called the “American Legion Riders.” The American Legion recognized Garden City Post 396 as the “founding chapter” with a commemorative plaque in 2007.