This program is nationally recognized and authorized, but still follows the guidelines of a program. As with all programs of the American Legion, such as Legion Baseball, direction is by the Department Executive Committee, Districts and Posts. Each Post Commander will determine to authorize the charter of an ALR Chapter. Subsequent Post Commanders can continue this program at their discretion.

American Legion Rider Chapters are to be first authorized by the Post Commander, then considered by the American Legion Department of Pennsylvania for a Charter. Once a Chapter’s Charter is issued, the Chapter must remain in good standing with the authorizing Post. The relationship between the Post and Chapter is an integral part of the overall success of the Chapter. The ALR Chapter is intended to support the efforts of the Post, without this relationship the overall mission of the Chapter is compromised.

To become a member of the Legion Riders you must first be a current Legionnaire, SAL or Auxiliary member in good standing. You must own a licensed and insured motorcycle or be the immediate family member of the owner. There is a provision to continue as a member after you are no longer able to ride, if you were a member for two years.

The intention and goal of the American Legion Rider is to promote awareness to the causes of the American Legion. They should serve as recruiting tool to grow the American Legion Family membership. The mission of the ALR Chapter should be to support the overall mission of the American Legion by being active in the community hosting and supporting events. Below are facts and very positive accomplishments by the Legion Riders to be shared with members of your Post and Community.

  • The American Legion Riders (ALR) was first established as a local post program in 1993 at Post 396, Garden City, Michigan, and has grown to over 1,500 local “chapters” worldwide by 2015.
  • The ALR is not a motorcycle club, but rather an association of like-minded Legion Family members who enjoy family activities and the opportunity to advance the aims and goals of The American Legion.
  • The national ALR membership is roughly 110,000 Riders, all of whom are current members of The American Legion, The American Legion Auxiliary, and The Sons of The American Legion.
  • In 2005, the Mulvane, Kansas ALR founded The Patriot Guar, a national movement which since its beginning has honored and protected families, veterans and fallen warriors at military funerals.
  • Riders, nationally, raised $1,250,000 during the 2015 American Legacy Run in the support of The American Legion Legacy Fund – which provides scholarships to the children of active troops who died in the war on terrorism since September 11, 2001. The Riders have raised over $6.5M for the Legacy Fund since 2006.
  • The American Legion Riders attract active duty military members as well as veterans from all war eras since WWII. Active duty members are also eligible to join – and they are joining. Many active duty military installations conduct motorcycle safety training programs which American Legion Riders play an important part.
  • Riders raise and donate hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to countless national, state, and local programs and charities for veterans, military families and communities.

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“ For GOD, For Country, For Our Freedom, For Those Who Serve, For Those Who Have Served, For POW’s and MIA’s, For Their Families and Ours, For Our Community, We Ride For ALL”